My Reaction on The Getting Real Book :)

I think the book is basically about how to make your life easy and not only easy but doing it the right way and how you going to enjoy the things that you are doing. So of course to enjoy the things that you are doing you should have passion on it and not thinking all the time how would you defeat your competitor, it is said there that if you fulfill your customers wants then that is enough and continue on the thing that you are doing.

It is also discuss in the book that you should maximize your product, I mean you should sell enough product for the day so you would not waste time, effort, and your funds in doing the product. It is also discussed there that if your competitor sell faster or do their job faster then your not going to compete in their game that they are playing but instead play in ” Your Game ” so sell cheaper, in other words you should let your competitor play with your game you know and not play with his game that you know he would handle it very well.

Another thing that caught my attention in the book is that you should also think critically. I mean you should disregard the things that are not necessary or the things that are useless. For example if there is a thing that you would like to bring everyday but that thing does not have to do anything or does not have any use at all in your daily life then its better to leave it at home because it might destruct you for that day and might cause failure for that day.


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Chapter 16 Getting Real

In this chapter it tells us about starting our task physically and mentally prepared. It doesn’t mean that being ready just knows the right things to do but also to know the right decision and knows how to deliver your purpose effectively. The best thing to consider in making a consistent work is being balanced not to concentrate at the strong parts but to enhance the weaker parts of the program to be stable. In this situation what we need is people or persons that wants to be involved willingly and does take pride of what they are doing and knows every detail of everything even if only few people knows that thing. Because what they will do and what responsibility you would give them would make or break your project. If we try to use the concept of getting real even if we start in a very small thing it will grow because you would know how to capture the likeness of the consumers or customers and how to run the software with out making it look like a dead site. This is the procedures that someone would need in order to be successful because you yourself know how to capture their emotion and know how to react if what you did is not in favor of what they like and what they don’t like. In short you need people like you who have dedication and perseverance.

Chapter 15 Getting Real

For me in this chapter it tells us and teaches us about taking a wise little step one at a time to be careful and right about the things you are to do before making or taking a big one. First of all is to let you focus and understand the updates and decisions you are making and let the customers know that there are big decisions that are still coming and they need to wait for because that is the application that the customers told you that they want. Show that your product is alive by updating and posting answers for their questions blogs and others. Let them know that you are there to answer and guide them to their misunderstanding and needs. Do not be afraid to talk to your customers like a friend you should also know how to capture their feelings, emotions and needs for the program that you run. These are some of the skills that you should have and obtain to make your product last long and make your customers enjoy what they are doing. It also says here that there is no perfect product. It is true because if you are waiting for a perfection to happen you are just wasting time because you as a producer can launch a product as long as you know how to run it and know how to handle the feedbacks and come up with the solutions to the comments that the customers demand. Waiting for perfections is just waste of time and excuse to pursue you goal. You as a producer should also know your priorities if a problem occurs don’t be stressed out instead handle it with confidence and know if you need to repair and solve the problem because many people are affected or you just need to upgrade the system to cover up and bury the error that had happen when. Know if the system affected a grate number of customers and be honest to theme that something happened but now it is all under control. Don’t try to accuse some one or blame them for your mistake. Just handle it professionally and responsibly. Panic in the beginning of the program will cause to a much more problems. If a negative reaction burst ups so what. You know you can handle it so why panic? Or even listen to the one giving the negative feedback. Being confident is taking risk of being wrong. Sometimes it unavoidable to be wrong in some views in your product but panicking would only lead you to more mistakes and errors. In some point of views you are going to change some rules but make sure that you would not take back carelessly what you have distorted.. It also says here that knowing your enemy would give you a better chance of competing equally and not blinded of what is in front of you. And clients on the other hand doesn’t need out of this word things to operate a simple program. As a producer you don’t have to be afraid that a growing product would be a handful of being complex. Its just you are progressing in your own ways. You just have to provide more services that have sense. Make sure that you produce quality products and admit that first ideas are not the best and most of the time things change and products progress in every way even if you will be fond of it or not.

Chapter 14 Getting Real

This chapter tackles about you listening to your consumers. You, who made the app, should be the one to listen to the feedbacks, either positive or negative, of the consumers so you can do immediate amends to their problems the best possible way that will suit both of you. This will keep you in touch with the ones who use your app. Read their emails and feel what their feeling. It is important that you should be the one to address and fix the problem of your consumer. There should not be anyone else except you who should fix the problem because you’re the one who create the application and no one knows it better than you do. Create something which is less complex, the more complex you create the more problem you can encounter. Then use help and faqs for potential points of confusion. Answer your consumers quickly. They light up when their concerns are met as soon as possible. And it will be an asset against competitors. They appreciate directness and will be polite, even though angry, when you show enthusiasm in meeting their concerns. Your costumers are your most important asset and they are vital to your application’s existence so treat them wisely. They are the one who will alert you of bugs, which will alert you that some needs that was not met and it is them who would spread your message and carry your flag. It doesn’t mean that your app have to be perfect when launch. However, when they encounter bugs, make sure to reply quickly, thanking them for their input. Consumers don’t expect it to be perfect. They do expect that you’re listening and acknowledging that you care, so show it. When it comes to feature request feel free to say no. If you give them their request, no one will want the app. You have to act as filter. Not everything everyone suggests is right. You can consider but that does not mean its right. You created the application so you decide what it will contain. You won’t like your creation to have something you don’t like. Forums and group chat are great way to let your customers to ask questions and help each other. You provide an pen communication and save time in the process. Whenever there’s a problem, better let them know even thought they wont see it. Be open and honest as possible. Don’t keep secrets and inform them. They will appreciate it as long as you’re being honest. They will not mind the problem much and will let you have a breathing room. If it’s bad get it in the open at once.. And if good news it should be tricked out slowly.

Chapter 13 Getting Real

This chapter is about the essentials of having teasers and previews before the actual launch. Teasers are to let people know about the app and for little hint to tease the people to check out the app. The previews are the little pick in the app without giving the main information. Give the background about the app and prizes to make people talk or think of the app. The launch is the actual launch of the app to the public. And then, post blogs about the launch of the app to continue the publicity. Great product will be the most effective promotion. This will make users offer your app, which they consider as useful, to other who will make use of it. Overviews for benefits and explanations about the app. Tour and videos for feature guides and videos of how your app works manifestos which explains the ideas and philosophy. And case studies which give possible examples in real life and testimonials from costumers will create buzz for your blog. Create forums to offer a place for the users to help one another and get people into the app as quickly and easy as possible. One cheap and very effective means of advertising is blogging. You can create blogs about your app and add the information and bits about the app every day. Start collecting emails as early as possible and take the email adds of your members. Share your knowledge to bloggers. Write articles about the app and put it in blog so that readers will know and they can multiply and share it to the other people, who were not in reach of your blog. Giving them your knowledge about the app will help them use of the app and will give them satisfaction and blogging information about your app to others will be the result of that satisfaction. New, interesting feature will be much welcome by the costumers. The reactions in this new feature in your app will create buzz to your blog, which means gain of attention from the consumers, though this doesn’t mean to make expensive new features. Riding to what’s new is an effective yet cheap way to build your buzz. But if you’re using something new, go and spotlight it for consumers. Study and find out where your blogs are coming from and let them feel your presence. Leave comments to their blogs. Thank them for their posting links. Pay attention to the negative comment. Show you’re listening and respond to their critiques. This will soften them up and may even turn complainers to evangelists. The app selling doesn’t stop there. After the free version of your app don’t forget the upgrade opportunities of your application. Tell the buyer that they will have more access to your app if they upgrade your application. There will be no barriers for their convenience. Also encourage the existing costumers to upgrade when they max out their current plan. They are your best possible buyers, so it’s okay if you repeat the offer to them.

Getting Real Chapter 12.

Hmmm… Chapter 12… It’s on how you would going to attract your customer on how they going to buy your product… In this chapter they say that if you would want to attract customers it is better to let them try your product first… You could do that by letting them get some free trials… Some entrepreneurs may think that it would be a down shift for them because if the customers already tried thaeir examples then they could not buy it anymore because the trial that you gave would not be that interesting and so they might think that your product would be the same as the trial that you gave to them… But for this chapter it would not be a disadvantage. Else if, it would be an advantage becuase when you gave trials you should make sure that does trials that you would gave would have a connection to the products that you sell… A lot of beautiful products today are ignored… ” WHY? ” Because buyers today preffer something that would be practical to buy… Expensive materials are bought because also of some freebies and that freebies would let you sell the product that you are selling and it is not because the product is too good… “What the heck!” There’s a lot of same products already then how could you choose what to buy… Then I preffer those products that is guaranteed and at the same time I would choose a product that would be prefferable not because it is cheap or what… But it is also because what is inside the package that i would buy!!!

Chapter 4: Getting Real :)

This chapter explains on how you are going to think big in your project it also says here how their project runs well how successful their project was now. I agree to them that your thinking skills must not follow the same level that is required it must be over the level that is required because if your going to think on the level that is required then you might have problems because sometimes you dont meet the level that you would like but when your thinking of a higher level that is required then you couldn’t get the level that you wanted but the level that is really required would be satisfied.

They also wrote in the book that if your going to be honest there wouldn’t be problems to your customer because customers would appreciate or would understand if they know what is happening to the project but they could get bad comments but I guess its normal so just take that bad comments and make it a experience or a learning from that comment that a customer gave you.

It also tells in this chapter of the book that it is not a sin if you take a opinion from the users of your product but instead it would be more better because it wouldn’t be bias because of the opinion that the user gave you and much more they would be satisfied with your product because it is what they expect to have.

Chapter 3 Getting Real :)

Wow this is a great book. It tells here that even though you are just a small group it doesn’t mean that you can be over ruled by the large groups or organization. So in this chapter it is all about strategy. I learned some techniques on how you would manage your team even if it is small. Because for this book it doesn’t matter how small your group or organization is, but it would still be an advantage for you to be a small group and it would not be succesful. It is also said here that the smaller your group is the better because you could make your decisions better because of the decisions that the group would make will be stable or accurate. It is also said here that keep your groups as small as possible so it means that the smaller your group is the better. So I guess that this book is right because it is really better that you would have only small groups because your decisions could be easily approved by your groupmates and  you could easily work on that decisions or apply it in a way you could apply it well.

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